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To: Chancellor Phyllis Wise, University of Illinois

From: Concerned Rhetoric, Composition, and Communication Scholars


Whereas academic freedom is an essential aspect of academic life and campus climate;


Whereas UIUC has violated the academic freedom of Professor Steven Salaita and the UIUC faculty who served on the hiring committee which approved his appointment;


Whereas parties external to the University of Illinois have influenced the administration’s disposition toward Professor Salaita’s appointment by bringing in irrelevant considerations, such as the content and tone of his Twitter messages, at the last minute and at the conclusion of the academic process;


Whereas the right to free expression as enshrined in the First amendment extends to all US citizens;


We the undersigned—teachers and scholars of writing, rhetoric, and communication studies, at colleges and universities across the country, dedicated to the arts of language and public discourse in all their myriad, often-controversial forms—will not step foot on UIUC’s campus until Professor Salaita’s appointment is reinstated.